Abolishing war/Peace movement futures: Panel with IPB Presidents and former Presidents

VENUE: Novotel Berlin am Tiergarten, Strasse des 17 Juni 106-108, 10623 Berlin.
(followed by a small reception)

Abolishing war/Peace movement futures
Many news stories these days lead us to conclude that the world is in a new phase of tension – with serious conflicts both between big powers and within states. Some therefore deduce that the prospects for the international peace movement are poor. And yet it is precisely at these difficult times in history that a strong peace movement is needed. It is needed to oppose specific dangerous developments such as the introduction of killer robots or bombing yet more Muslimmajority cities. But it also needed in order to prepare the ground – through peace education, defending civil society, building alternatives – for more fundamental changes in the direction of a culture of peace.

We have much to celebrate in fact: civil society played key roles in banning landmines and cluster bombs; in establishing the International Criminal Court; banning nuclear testing; and in putting an end to the Vietnam War, apartheid and the Cold War. Further back we could mention the struggles for women’s enfranchisement, civil rights, the abolition of slavery.

Our speakers on this panel have been involved in some of these efforts and many more. We shall hear from them of the joys and frustrations of campaigning, their assessments of the current situation and their hopes for the future. We hope they will offer some guidance for the work of the International Peace Bureau in the coming years.

We will also invite a contribution from the younger generation – probably a representative of the Youth Gathering that will have concluded its work just before the opening of the Panel.

This will be a unique occasion: 6 IPB Presidents in one room! Don’t miss it!
If you plan to attend please send a brief email to: mailbox@ipb.org

Maj-Britt Theorin (Sweden) – IPB President 1994 – 2000 
Bruce Kent (UK) – IPB President 1985 – 1994
Cora Weiss (USA) – IPB President 2000 – 2006
Tomas Magnusson (Sweden) – IPB President 2006 – 2013

Ingeborg Breines (Norway) IPB Co-President 2010 – 2016
Reiner Braun (Germany) – IPB Co-President 2013 —